Winter Services

>   Snow Blowing - Ideal for homeowners, this service utilizes a tractor driven snow blower followed by a back blade to scrape the drive clean.

>   Snow Plowing - Ideal for businesses, this service utilizes pick-up trucks and front end loaders to move & stack snow.  More cost effective than snow blowing.

>   Salting - Always a good idea to keep walkways and sidewalks ice free.  Salt is always a cheaper alternative to a potential law suit or injury from slip and fall.

All the above services are available at per service pricing or per season pricing, making services match personal needs and budget constraints.  

Our Services

Summer Services

>  Lawn Mowing / Trimming - Keeping a regular cut, variable direction of travel lawn is crucial to keeping a well manicured lawn.

>  Fertilizing - Nutrients are critical to the perfect lawn.  In our generally nutrient weak soil in Otsego County, be sure your roots remain strong and keep a weed free lawn with a regular fertilizing plan.

>  Aeration - The single most overlooked lawn service, however one of the most important.  We offer a one of a kind technology, allowing us to aerate and have instant usage of your lawn without the unsightly "turd" looking cores left to look at.

>  Pesticides - Sick of dandelions, clover, wild violet plaguing your lawn?  We have the machinery and quick acting chemicals to end your frustration.  We are licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture for the application of turf, tree, and right-a-way pesticide applications for both vegetation and insects.  

>  Power Brooming / Dethatching -  A popular spring service, rids the turf of dead grass and debris from winter.  Our power broom will remove all lawn debris and lift grass blades for a speedy green up going into the warmer summer months.

>  Irrigation Install / Repair / Service -  Tired of hauling hoses around? Can't keep up with the watering needs of your lawn?  Give us a call.  Sprinkler systems over time will pay for themselves, as they are much more effecient than manual watering practices.  Already have a system? We service existing systems as well. We do repairs, spring start ups and fall winterization.  

Other Services

>   Rototilling - We offer a tractor powered rototilling service.  With our 5' wide tiller, we can loosen any ground, whether it be for a garden, a lawn, or a personal beach front. 

>  York Rake - Have a surface you need cleaned up?  We have the solution for you.  Our york rake will sift out sticks, stones, and other debris, making an ideal surface for a new lawn.  

>  Bed shaping - We have the equipment to put a precision cut edge on your flower beds, keeping water in and weeds/grass out.

>  Power Edging - We utilize a machine driven edger to place a 3'' deep groove along your driveway, sidewalk or curbing.  Not only does this make a manicured look for your lawn, it also allows for directional water run off of your driveway.

>  Landscape Mulch - Like the look of landscape mulch on your property or in your flower beds, but not the work installing it?  We can help.  We can deliver & install bulk quantities or just a few bags.

>  Dirt Work - Need some dirt moved or spread? We can do that. Have some brush or rough area that needs cleaned up? We can do that too!

>  Mower Blade Sharpening - If your currently sharpening your blades with a bench grinder or similar method, then you are not maximizing your mowers performance.  We utilize a top of the line blade sharpener that maintains the factory edge, optimizing cutting performance.